Swedish Massage

A blend of relaxing movements combined with firm pressure to create a relaxing yet therapeutic massage. We use a combination of plain and pre-blended aromatherapy oils tailored to your mood, along with soothing music to ensure a completely chilled environment

Back, Neck & Shoulders:

30 minutes... £22        45 minutes... £30

Full Body:

60 minutes... £37       90 minutes... £55

Indian Head Massage (30 mins)... £18

Foot & Leg Massage (30 mins)... £18

Foot & Leg Massage with moisture mask and heated boots (30 mins)... £23

Hot Stone Massage

A soothing and deeply relaxing massage using heated basalt stones to ease tension, aches and pains

30 minute Back Massage... £28

60 minute Full Body Massage... £45

Unwind Wednesday

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